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 “ I don't think there is a higher level of trust than that between expectant parents and their caregiver. My most recent two children were cared for thru pregnancy and homebirth by Carrie Cobb, and if we are blessed with any more, they will be as well! The relationships Carrie develops with her clients are strong bonds of trust, communication, and mutual respect. She becomes a part of the family, while gently ushering in the smallest new member. I truly look back on my homebirths as the two best days of my life- not only for the gifts of my children, but for the entire positive experience that each day was in my life.”
“Our first child was born in a hospital under what was labeled as "midwifery care." That harrowing experience led us to seek a different decision for our subsequent children's births. When we met Carrie, we knew homebirth was the best choice for us. Although my body responded in the same negatively dramatic way after our first homebirth, Carrie knew just what to do and there was none of the panic or excessive interventions that had accompanied our "natural birth" in the hospital. I was with my new baby, nourished, supported, and allowed to make my own decisions and move at my own pace. Carrie's wisdom combined with the comforts of home made all the difference in keeping the birth of our baby a calm, healthy, and happy experience!”

“ Home Deliveries – the Best!!!!   I have had four children all delivered at home by midwives. The first was in Texas, and the last three were here in Arkansas (delivered by Carrie Cobb). I have another due in October that I am planning to be delivered at home by Carrie Cobb as well. “

“My experience with home births has been AWESOME! I wouldn’t do it any other way if I had a choice. The freedom and options you have with a home birth are wonderful. You are not pressured to have the baby within a certain amount of time, you do not have to stay on your back in bed hooked up to monitors, if everything is okay you can hold the baby as soon as it is born (even still connected to the umbilical cord) and I could go on and on.”

“Carrie Cobb is an excellent midwife too! She has become one of my closest friends through my deliveries. She is very knowledgeable and works very well with what we choose to do during the labor process. I would gladly and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have a home birth.”